Anatoly El-Murid: What's the concept of "Soft War"?

  • Posted on: 25 October 2015
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Anatoly El-Murid: What's the concept of "Soft War"?

Anatoly El-Murid explains what's behind the concept of "Soft War"? Interview was lead by Artyom Voytenkov from Poznavatelnoe.TV

URL:'s necessary to add, that... Pentagon developed and now quietly tests new operative doctrine of so called "Soft War": There is a country that needs to be swept away, destroyed or transform into "more favorable" state. Within the previous paradigm, previous doctrine like in Iraq, United States attacked, committed aggression against such country, they occupied it in order to achieve their goals.

Bad or good goals – that's another question. But this old doctrine, as the example of Iraq and Afghanistan showed, is connected with the colossal costs. USA already spent on Iraq and Afghanistan circa 2 trillions USD. They don't want such poor "return on investment" any more.

Plus, we can see that troops belong to the US Army.

Yes. Therefore Pentagon cleaned the dust off the historical concepts, revamped, redesigned them according to the new technologies, and created a new concept of the war, which they now use in Syria, so-called "Soft War". If we remove the less important, the principle is relatively simple: Huge mass of fighters is sent to the territory of certain country. Paid or motivated... Not everyone is paid, some just have a full head of jihad. These people are relocated within the country.

They are deployed to the cities and mixed with the population, and then they start to destroy and kill. I have spoken with the officers from our General Staff in May this year. There was a round table in (newspaper) redaction, where officers from our General Staff stated, that according to the calculations made on the basis of the Syrian events – soldiers love numbers...

Do they?

Yes. Calculations on the basis of the Syrian events made clear, that for the beginning of the "Soft War" in the city is enough the have 0.25% militants compared to the city population. There is 2500 "rebels" enough to start the serious "riots" in a million city. When 2500 people in [Berlin] - the million city - begin to sharply destroy police stations, attack and kill everything what moves, plunder weapon storerooms in police stations, attack citizens... so government left without the choice will be forced to call not just the police or special units, but the army.

And the army will do for the enemy all the main work: shoot at those fighters from cannons, kill them by tanks, destroy own cities, own infrastructure, own objects important for life – same things like in Syria now. Generally speaking, not so many gunmen act on the territory of Syria in comparison with the numbers of the Syrian army. There is around 300,000 people in the army, of whom 50-60,000 fights.

Others are also important. They service the crews, guard... So circa 50-60,000 soldiers fight against the militias. And there's around 30-40,000 "oppositionairs" fighting in Syria, but they are constantly being added. Thanks to that fact, generally speaking, the army itself destroys own country, because it's impossible to fight with "moderate opposition", without the use of heavy combat equipment and aviation. And the fighters stay mainly in the cities.

There is a lot of million cities In [Europe]: [Genoa, Milan, Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Paris...] Devastation received by those cities is colossal. The "essence" of the "Soft War" is as follows: Country, during such war with militants, weakens and destroys itself. On this day, Syrian economy is in the catastrophic condition. It's impossible to have a normal economic life in such situation.


Interviewee: Anatoly El-Murid

Category: Politics