R. Szabo: Zodioscope.com brings real astrology to everybody

  • Posted on: 25 September 2013
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R. Szabo: Zodioscope.com brings real astrology to everybody

Zodioscope.com presents authentic astrology to common people and show that real horoscopes are different from than which can be found in newspapers or gossip magazines.

URL: http://www.zodioscope.com

What problem does it solve? 

A common person has access to astrology just in newspapers which isn't usually based on real calculations. Available commercial software is suitable mostly for professional. We decided to change this. Zodioscope.com brings real astrology with simplified description to everybody. For example, you can find here relationship horoscope which can reveal strong and weak site of your partner relations. Daily horoscopes, based on current constellation of planets, can show you what you should or shouldn't do for today. There are more sites on internet with similar information, but they are no such complex, and they are no free of charge like our service.

How does it work? 

App will ask for input data - your place and day of birth - and it will retrospectively calculate positions of planets on the skyline. Then it selects significant planetary constellations and describe you the meaning.

Who are your target customers (users)? 

Everyone interested in exploration of the real astrology.

What are your promotion (marketing) tactics? 

From Slovak version of this project, Zverokruh.sk, we have experience that a best promotion is a viral recommendation.

Where are you based? 

We are based in central Slovakia.

How many people is currently involved in project? 

We are two. I'm responsible for technical side of Zodioscope.com and my colleague is taking care about astrological part. He is expert in astrology with more than 10 years of experiences.

Tell us vision about your project within one year. 

Site is ready and now we need time to let viral work. After one year we would like to double numbers of our visitors.

Why you decided to start this project? 

We completed working website focus on Slovak and Czech users. So we decided to launch also worldwide version to try taste of global startup.

What keep you motivated? 

Community which we developed - we organize meetings where my colleague regularly takes part. Second big source of motivation is user feedback - so send us some from time to time.

Write us strong life experience which taught you a lesson. 

We build strong community and I like to hear that some couple got know each other through Zodioscope.com.